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“I LOVE the enmarie products. The combination of the dry brush and the botanical oils make my skin feel unbelievably soft and silky. The oils don’t feel sticky. The moisture is long-lasting and doesn’t evaporate like lotion.”

Teresa P. ~ Illinois

“I tried the dry brush and the oils last night for the first time and feel amazing and beautiful!

Melissa S. ~ Washington

“I am using the body oil regularly as it is working extremely well on my dry spots that have never been managed with other products.”

Lori E. ~ Texas

“I’m falling in love with the oils and dry brush ritual...”

Linda P. ~ California

“This face oil makes my skin so soft! My face is pretty sensitive and is prone to break-outs, but when I use this face oil I actually have less acne.”

Keera P. ~ Oregon

“Fabulous presentation, so beautiful and subtly elegant. The oils are SO nice! I'm loving dry brushing and then smoothing on the oil -especially the body oil~VERY nice. Your videos are very nice, fun and informative.”

Yvette ~ California

“Wanted to thank you and tell you how pleased I am with your new line of oils. I have been trying for years to deal with dry patches on my face. Nothing has worked like your face oil. My skin looks so good for turning 70 next month!! Thank you!”

Pam W ~ California

“These beautiful products are amazing! My skin has never felt or looked better! I love that the botanical oils are unscented and can be worn with my own fragrances!” - via Facebook

Melissa S. ~ Washington

“I just received your beautiful Neck and Decolletage Oil and first of all it smells wonderful. It is very hydrating and the small amount left on my hands after applying was fantastic for my flyaway hair!! Love, love it.” - via Instagram

Sandy N. ~ Arizona

“The products arrived so beautifully packaged.  It felt very personalized.  Everything about the kit says relax and take care of yourself, which many of us forget to do.  I have never heard of dry brushing until I received the kit.   I’M ADDICTED!  Dry brushing is so relaxing it gives me goosebumps!  The brush is perfectly sized and the bristles are just right….firm but soft if that makes any sense.    The face oil, neck and décolletage oil along with the body oil are wonderful.  I love how they absorb into my skin and don’t leave behind a greasy feeling.  It also helps my cuticles on all my digits which are always super dry.   I was a bit nervous since I have sensitive skin, the oils have caused no issues whatsoever.”

Dianna K. ~ Oregon

“I love the citrusy smell of the Not-to-be-Forgotten Nail and Cuticle Oil. I take care of my nails obsessively and this oil makes my cuticles so soft and smooth. I’m so happy with the outcome and how easy it is to use.”

Cassidy H. ~ Oregon

“I LOVE the Treasured Face Oil. It is hydrating but not greasy. My skin feels really soft.”

Pat B. ~ Oregon

“I've only used the dry brush and oils for a week and my skin is already softer. I have oily skin so I was worried that the face oil would be too much but that is not the case at all. I love these products!” - via Facebook

Kara H. ~ California

“Long-lasting, nourishing - enmarie oils are making my skin the softest it’s ever been.” - via Facebook

Laura R. ~ California

“Even living in a dry climate, I have never had a very good skin care routine. With my sensitive skin I’ve always been reluctant to try a new product. I have been amazed with the Enmarie Oils and Dry Brush. To my surprise, the oils left my skin feeling softer than I can remember it ever feeling. I was worried about my skin feeling slippery. The oil was absorbed so completely, my skin just felt smooth and velvety! The longer I use the Dry Brush and Oils, my crepe skin is less and less noticeable. I feel truly pampered with the routine of exfoliating and using the oils. I’m recommending Enmarie to all of my friends!"

Melisa W. ~ Colorado

“I love this face oil! I live in a dry mountain climate, and my face can get so parched it feels like its crackling. But this oil nourishes my skin, holding the moisture in so my face feels supple and moist all day long. The oil lasts three times longer on my skin than the previous oil I used. I use it twice a day, usually beneath face cream, but sometimes by itself. It does not leave an oily sheen like my last oil did. It is so thoughtfully produced. Thank you very much!"

Laura R.