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Does Dry Brushing hurt?

No. Dry brushing doesn’t and shouldn’t hurt. If it does, perhaps a brush with gentler bristles should be considered. The best way to test the “fit” or hardness of a brush on your skin is to try it on the inside of your forearm. If it feels nice, then that is the appropriate firmness to use. The skin should never be scratched or damaged due to the stiffness of the bristles.

My skin is a bit red after I dry brush. Is this normal?

Yes. Slight reddening and warming of the skin are normal, though it usually remains only about five minutes. If it lasts longer, switch to a softer brush and lighten massage pressure. Never brush inflamed, broken, burned or otherwise irritated skin. Should you have any concerns, consult a dermatologist before using.

I’m sort of intimidated, is there a wrong way to dry brush?

There isn’t really a wrong way to dry brush, but you do want to keep in mind that to better support the circulation, you’ll want to make sure you’re brushing upwards and inwards towards your heart. You may use long, sweeping motions beginning at the toes and moving upwards and/or you may use circular motions.

I don’t have a lot of time for my morning routine, how long does dry brushing take?

Dry brushing takes anywhere between 2-5 minutes, depending upon the thoroughness of the brushing you’d like to complete.

Is the Treasured Face Oil for day or night time use?

The enmarie™ Treasured Face Oil can be used either for Day or night time use, or both!

Can you wear make-up with the Treasured Face Oil?

Yes, absolutely, you can wear enmarie™ Treasured Face Oil underneath your make up. You’ll want to avoid using the Treasured Face Oil near the eyes.

Do you wear the Treasured Face Oil underneath sunscreen?

Yes, in fact we strongly recommend wearing sunscreen over enmarie™ Treasured Face Oil for daytime use if you are planning to be outside during the day.

If the oils are unscented, how come there is still a certain scent to them?

While there is no scent or fragrance intentionally added to the blends, botanical oils possess inherently gentle scents of their own, sometimes with earthy, nutty, floral or woodsy notes in their bouquets. Why didn’t you add scent to your oils? Our purpose for not adding fragrance is twofold; to provide unscented blends for those who are sensitive to fragrances and as a result, may experience allergic symptoms. And to the contrary, for those who would like to wear their own signature perfumes and wish not to have conflicting fragrances in their skincare products.