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The Story

The enmarie® Story

In the mid-1980’s during my sophomore year in college, I rented a room from family friends. During that time, the family was most unique in how they lived. They shopped at natural food stores (when they were just called “natural food stores”) and ate organic and unprocessed foods. They tried to buy produce untouched by pesticide sprays and frequented roadside farm stands when available. They steamed their vegetables. They avoided using harsh chemicals and toxins in their home, and they even recycled.

Being ahead of their time, this progressive family (hippies, really) had quite the impact on my outlook. I began reading the books on their shelves, inclusive of meal recipes and information that touted the benefits of clean living, and included European health secrets. It was in reading these books that I learned about the dry-brush technique and botanical oils. And before I knew it, I was off to the natural food store.

Little did I know it would one day lead to launching a skin care line. Fast-forward 30+ years. With a stopover in the world of teaching and the guiding philosophy of clean beauty, I bring you the fresh-pairing of dry-brushing and the best of my favorite botanical blends- all with a layer of “how-tos” and instruction.
We wish you a lovely beauty experience and happiness always.


Founder, enmarie™




A little note about the “happy” words:

We know at enmarie® that you desire to be healthy, beautiful and happy because when you feel this way, you can live your best life and share it to the fullest with those you love and surround yourself with. These happy words communicate a message of assurance, enthusiasm and inspiration with a trustful reflection in the present and a hopeful outlook to the future.

"Beautiful thoughts build a beautiful soul." Dr. Wayne Dyer

We wish you good health, beauty and happiness always.
optimism*acceptance*abundance*gratitude*joy* friendship*gentleness*compassion