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What are Herbal Oils?

Herbal oils, also called “infused oils,” are designed to nourish the skin, nerves and can be used as an immunity booster.

 The use of herbal oils is an ancient practice. People have used herbal oils for centuries for the oils many benefits including its calming and rejuvenating capabilities. It’s a great way to reset your body after a stressful or long day. Or, simply use herbal oils when a little extra self care is needed.

How are herbal oils made?

 These oils are made through a unique process and different from how essential oils and botanical oils are made. Herbal oils are made by soaking plant material in a vegetable oil over a period of time. As a result, the vegetable oil absorbs the fat-soluble substances of the plant and an herbal oil is formed.

 We recommend that you use a carrier oil when applying an herbal oil to the skin. There are many options available for carrier oils and it’s largely based on your personal preference. The herbal oil mixed with the carrier oil can then be applied to the skin or poured into a bath.

 Why should you use an herbal oil?

 Oiling the body is a fast and effective way to relax your body and nervous system. Herbal oils have healing benefits that have been used for centuries.

Are there herbal oils in the enmarie botanical oils?enmarie-Treasured-Face-Oil















Yes, the enmarie® Treasured Face Oil contains St. John’s Wort, an herbal oil used to treat damaged tissue and dermal inflammation. 


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