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Happy Birthday Grandma Trudi

This is a picture of my Grandma Trudi, and March 6th was her birthday. She passed away in 1991, but her example was and still continues to be, such an inspiration to me. Always a lady, never leaving the house without wearing her fuschia-pink lipstick and painted fingernails (her hands were long and beautiful like Diana Vreeland’s). Her given name was Gertrude. I recall people sometimes calling her “Gertie.” She didn’t care for her given name and changed it to Trudi. Grandma stayed fit by doing water aerobics every morning in the pool before breakfast and before every dinner, she served a plate of raw carrots, celery, and radishes. Isn’t it funny the little things you remember as a child?



As a young girl, I would sit at her bathroom vanity, and gaze at all her perfume bottles so elegantly placed on the lacy-gold edged and mirrored tray. Once emptied, she would send the perfume bottles home with me to play with.



As you might imagine, Trudi was always well-dressed. Grandma worked at I.Magnins, a high fashion and specialty goods luxury department store. Now closed, it was much like Saks Fifth Avenue. She was magnetic and adored, and as you can tell in her picture, had a gorgeous smile. Despite living in Palm Springs and sporting a sunny glow, Trudi always took really good care of her skin. She always wore a hat and moisturized her skin daily. Grandma Trudi inspired me to do the same and in many ways was the influence for enmarie®. Today I am sending her prayers, love and gratitude for instilling in me the importance of self-care, daily exercise, eating your veggies, and always putting your best foot forward. Happy Birthday, Grandma Trudi!




  • I loved reading this. Now I know where my love for painted finger nails came from. ❤️

  • She looks like you! Here’s to celebrating our inspiring peeps!

    Laura Read

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