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Hunt and Gather: A Favorite Book, The New Garconne

While this book was published 3 years ago, it is one of those books that is/will be a forever classic with long-lasting staying power. Edited by Navaz Batliwalla, founder of Disneyrollergirl, it explores how to achieve and master great tomboyish style. Born out of her Pinterest boards the editor refines and calls together a certain aesthetic.  Batliwalla profiles14 modern, interesting and intelligent women who advocate for the clean, simple and classic sensibility; all with amazing taste.

Broken into four chapters, it first sets forth the heritage exploring the history of the more masculine style. Next, you’ll find the profiles of the women of whom embody the aesthetic.

It is then followed by one of my favorite chapters, setting forth not just the must-haves for a working wardrobe-

but also, “seeking (and sharing) the best version of every item”.

And finally, the last chapter is a delightful surprise, The Source Book, of which are personal recommendations “from those- ‘in the know’”.


I absolutely LOVE this book, of which you can order here. I wish she’d write another, but am always excited to read her blog.


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  • Thank you so much!! (i am working on a follow up – I think you will like it!) x


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