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How to Choose the Best Dry Brush for Your Skin

All dry brushes are unique and it’s important that you choose a brush that is the best fit for you and your skin.

Dry brushes are different in many ways – from the materials they are made with to the firmness of the bristles. Different types of plant-based material or animal hair can be used to make bristles. Each unique material determines how stiff or soft the bristles are on each brush.

For example, a sisal brush made of vegetable fibers from the agave plant are naturally quite stiff. Because of this, the bristles will feel firm on your skin. It’s a much different experience if you use bristles made from animal hair. Bristles made from goat, horse or hog hair is naturally soft. The tension on your skin will feel lighter compared to the firm fibers from the agave or cactus plant.

For dry brushing to be effective, a layer of dead skin cells should be removed after performing this skincare technique. To do this, some tension must be applied to your skin.

The tension can take some time getting used to. Don’t be alarmed if you notice slight reddening and warming of your skin as you dry brush. This is normal and should only last about 5 minutes. If the redness and warming of your skin lasts longer, switch to a softer brush and lighten your massage pressure.

Is it normal for dry brushing to hurt?

No, dry brushing should never hurt. In addition, the skin should never be scratched or damaged due to the stiffness or unevenness of the bristles. Also, never dry brush inflamed, broken, burned or otherwise irritated skin. If you have any questions or reservations about dry brushing, consult a dermatologist before applying this skincare technique to your skin.

How do I know the proper hardness of a brush’s bristles for my skin?

The best way to test the “fit” or “hardness” of a brush on your skin is to test it first on the inside of your forearm. If the bristles feel nice, then that is the appropriate firmness to use. As you make dry brushing a normal part of your skincare routine, your skin may become more accustomed to the tension over time. If it does, you may prefer a dry brush with stiffer bristles that provides more firmness.

The enmarie® Spectrum of Bristle intensity will help you determine which brush is the “best fit” for you:



The enmarie® spectrum of bristle intensity shown above helps you determine where the bristle stiffness falls on the spectrum from gentle, to medium, to firm.

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For directions on how to care for your brush, please refer to our website or YouTube channel for directions.



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