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Happy Birthday Neal Peart

Neal Peart Picture

Today's blog post is in honor of Neal Peart, who turns 67 today.  If you're middle-aged and enjoyed high school in the 1980's, then you're familiar with the rock band, Rush, and perhaps their drummer, Neal Peart who is one of the best drummers to live...ever. He is abundantly talented. Watch him play here.

Evan Carmichael's compiles several interviews of Peart's and cleverly extrapolates Peart's Top 10 Rules for Success. You can watch the YouTube Video here. Or you can also just skip ahead and read them below:

10 Rules for Success by Neal Peart compiled by Evan Carmichael

  1. Earn your audience.
  2. Be restless.
  3. Get out of your comfort zone.
  4. Learn from others.
  5. Create what you like.
  6. Infect people with your fire and enthusiasm.
  7. Don’t read reviews.
  8. Create your ideal audience.
  9. Find your inspiration.
  10. Never stop experimenting.

Great reminders, inspirations and goals. Which one is your favorite?

And something to ask yourself every morning, “What’s the most excellent thing I can do today?”

Happy Birthday Neal, and thank you Evan Carmichael. 

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