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Glowing on the Inside

This post is sort-of more personal and you won’t find any pictures of the enmarie® products today. When I first launched enmarie® late last year, I thought of it as a beauty and skincare brand of course,  with dry brushes and botanical oils that give your skin a long-lasting hydrated glow, and make you feel refreshed, energized and rejuvenated. I’ve come to realize (in a good way) that enmarie® is growing into a wellness brand, which to me means: taking care of oneself by way of not just glowing on the outside, but also, and more importantly, glowing on the inside. When we glow on the inside, we are better taking care of ourselves (read self-care) and can better share our glowing best-selves with the rest of the world.

I’ve found for myself, one way to glow on the inside is to do things that make you feel alive. These things/experiences come in many shapes and sizes, are very individual and quite frequently, are free (read being in nature).

One way I feel alive is both learning new things and facing and getting on the other side of my fears. For my 51st Birthday, my husband gave me a day of Porsche Driving Experiences.  And I what I can tell you is that no amount of skincare or beauty product can make me glow the way this did!


What have you experienced recently that made you feel alive? And if the answer is nothing lately, I challenge you to find that something and put it on your calendar before the end of the year (or better still, before the end of summer).

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