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enmarie® Home Beauty Secret #1: Plain Yogurt Mask

It has been said that great truths are always simple; I would have to agree that some of the best beauty hacks are simple and cost-effective. Plain yogurt is both good for your belly and great for your skin. For the first enmarie® home beauty secret, we recommend you try a plain-yogurt mask. I like to do this mask before I take a shower.

You will need:

~1/4 cup of plain yogurt

The Greek or Icelandic varieties are delicious to eat, but due to their thicker consistencies may be trickier to apply to your skin. 

Make sure the skin on your face is rinsed and make-up free.

I prefer bringing the yogurt to room temperature, but the coolness can be refreshing depending upon your mood.

Using either your fingers or the back of a spoon, very generously apply the plain yogurt to your face.

We live in a very dry climate, so after 5 minutes or so, I'll reapply a layer of the yogurt and allow it to sit for an additional 5 minutes.

Listening to music is always a bonus during a face mask... (Frankenstein earbuds not included).

A little Coldplay.

And some vintage Police. 

Wash off the yogurt mask with warm water. It leaves your skin feeling dewy and supple. And then, of course, we like to apply the enmarie® Treasured Face Oil afterward for added hydration. 


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